i-doit partner training and certification

What is the i-doit partner training?

The training we offer for employees of the partner companies is divided into three parts: Basic, Advanced and Professional. This allows you to participate in exactly those parts, that are relevant to your projects. Are you a reseller and would like to become i-doit partner? In this case, the BASIC training is the obligatory entry into the partnership for you.

Please note:
The different parts are based on each other. That means that attending a training package always requires the successful completion of the previous package.

i-doit partner trainings overview

Partner Basic Training von i-doit

Target group:

i-doit beginners / IT Reseller
1st Level Supporter

Free of charge

Business Development with i-doit

  • Service revenue via i-doit
  • Typical project entry via i-doit
  • Marketing and sales support for IT consultants

i-doit Basics Part I

  • IT Documentation and CMDB – Basics
  • The i-doit user interface & terminology
  • Search function

i-doit Basics Part II

  • Object types, categories and relationships
  • Add-ons and interfaces
  • Export and Reporting
Partner Advanced Training von i-doit

Target group:

i-doit Reseller / Partner
2nd Level Supporter

EUR 199.00 p. P.

The perfect way to start a project

  • Install & configure i-doit correctly
  • Login, user administration and rights system
  • Efficient documentation – which tools to use how

Making information usable

  • Information sources for IT documentation: from CSV import to discovery solutions
  • Automation and system operation
  • Administration – configuration options and settings


Partner professional Training von i-doit

Target group:

i-doit Reseller / Partner
IT Project Manager / Teacher

EUR 299.00 p.P.

Reporting, Interfaces & Add-ons

  • Reporting and Notifications
  • Interfaces: Functions, automated data import and more
  • Add-ons: connect i-doit with other applications and extend it with new functions

i-doit project planning

  • Configuration Management Plan (CMP)
  • Milestones of a documentation project

i-doit Consulting

  • What can I expect as a consultant in the i-doit environment?
  • Best practices and experience

Other topics are possible after consultation with the trainer.

Where do these trainings take place?

The trainings take place in Düsseldorf. All trainings are limited to a maximum of 8 participants and only take place when at least 4 participants register. Every participant receives a certificate of participation after successful completion.

Certification support partner

Logo Support-Partner

Partners whose employees have successfully completed a Basic Training and an Advanced Training can obtain the Certified Support Partner Status by booking a 3rd level Partner Package.

Want to learn more?

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Our manager partner marketing Fabian Wolff will be happy to advise you.

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Email: fwolff@i-doit.com 

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