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  • > 10.000 objects

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*Prices are net values, VAT, if valid, is in addition to all prices. Prices are valid after 01.01.2018.


i-doit pro Subscription

The i-doit pro subscription is an on-premise installation. The amount of the annual subscription fee for i-doit pro is based on the number of objects required. The object packages can be combined arbitrarily and on demand. They can be used individually, combined or additively. The annual subscription fee for each add-on is based on the underlying i-doit pro basis package and amounts to 50 % of the i-doit pro fee.


What is an object?

An object corresponds to an Asset or Configuration Item (CI). Thus, e.g. A server or router or client PC. Contracts, licenses or applications can also be regarded as objects. Except for the object count are logical relationships and references between objects.


How do I calculate the required number of objects?

There is no exact formula, the number of objects depends strongly on the required detail level of the documentation. On average you can count on 10 objects per employee for comprehensive documentation.

i-doit pro Add-ons

Add-ons extend the functionality of i-doit pro. An overview of actual add-ons can be found here.

What is an Add-on?

Add-ons extend the functionality of i-doit in different ways. Common to all add-ons is there interaction with the documentation and CMDB data in i-doit itself. There are add-ons to manage Security Systems according to ISO27001, ITIL-compliant, a dynamic document creator and so on.

Add-ons depend on the underlying i-doit subscription in a technical and legal way.

Is Support included in the Add-ons?

No. Support is an optional service and can be booked separately.