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synetics GmbH

We are i-doit

Founded in Düsseldorf in 1996, synetics GmbH is the leading provider
of IT documentation software in the German-speaking region.

IT is our passion

Founded in Düsseldorf, in 1996, synetics is now the leading provider of IT documentation in the German-speaking world. With our software, i-doit, we are active in over 36 countries. We are shaping the digital future: users around the world document their IT infrastructure and processes with i-doit and thus gain valuable knowledge from this information.

We do not see ourselves as just a company where people work. Together with our users and partners, we form a strong community, in which everyone does their best every day to make our vision for i-doit come true.

i-doit - a vision becomes a success story



Founded in 1996 as an IT systems and consulting company by Joachim Winkler and Markus Wolff, synetics GmbH focused on infrastructural topics in the first decade of its existence. In 2005, the idea for the documentation software i-doit emerged from a customer project.

From 2015 to 2022, synetics was under the sole management of Joachim Winkler, who consistently transformed the company into a software company.

Today, Stefan Böttcher (CEO) and Daniel Kirsten (CTO) are leading synetics into the digital future.

Our management

Flexibility, short distances and openness characterise the structure of synetics. The management works closely and with trust, with a lean management team. Together, they co-ordinate the strategic orientation of the company and are responsible for its implementation. Open doors are just as natural to us as transparency in corporate goals and strategic decisions.

Stefan Böttcher, CEO synetics GmbH

Stefan Böttcher

Managing Director/ CEO

Software is eating the world! Everything is digital. The resulting requirements for a well structured IT documentation could not be higher and will continue to grow. synetics offers extensively tested software products to successfully manage the digital transformation. We will continue to be measured by quality, stability, and security in the future.

Daniel Kirsten, CTO synetics GmbH

Daniel Kirsten

Managing Director / CTO
“In the development process, a high professionalisation of the Scrum-based process stays in the foreground. In the care team, we pursue a holistic approach with our knowledge base, explanatory videos and webinars, in addition to individual support services. This is how we achieve quality and reliability.”

Das Team hinter i-doit

What makes us special

We are successful because every single one of us wants to make a difference. And can. Because we create the space for it. Our corporate culture is characterised by tolerance, appreciation, trust and mutual respect. For us, every good idea counts, whether it comes from the intern or the team leader. We support and help each other – that’s why having open doors without strenuous hierarchies is a matter of course for us.

Independent and self-determined work is very important to us. We are convinced that people are most productive when they can complete tasks in their own way. We have high standards for our work, but at the same time we believe that, “done is better than perfect”. In this way, we have the opportunity to  try things,  with room to experiment, fail, and learn from our mistakes. 

Diversity is seen  as an advantage. The more diverse the team, the greater the potential. It allows for unconventional approaches, unusual perspectives and openness to new ideas – which is  our recipe for success.

Are you a good fit?

We are looking for people who are passionate about their field and enjoy their work. And we trust people who identify with our corporate culture and values. Are you curious and enthusiastic? Do you  want to make a difference and take on responsibility from day one? Then we should get to know each other!