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Our Customers

Many companies use i-doit for the documentation of their IT landscape already – from the specialized IT provider to the corporation. We would like to thank all our customers and users for their trust, and would like to present you some of them.

Case stories

In many companies i-doit is a constant for IT administration. But thanks to the flexibility of the software some customers do not use it for documentation of IT only. Find here some case stories, that describe our customers’ success on implementating i-doit.

Case Story QSC
Case Story Sparkasse Bad Hersfeld
Case Story Mobene
Case Story Nietiedt

Customer Feedback

Logo Strato AG, Berlin

“i-doit gives us reliability for data-center planning.”

Marcus Lindner
Head of Corporate Network

Logo des IVZ

“Based on the i-doit CMDB we consolidate many information from a lot of systems. As a result we get a holistic view on our heterogenous IT environment.”

Jörg Middendorf
Unix und Storage Administration

Logo Bosch Software Innovations GmbH

“We use i-doit as the core product for Documentation and Management of our IT infrastructure. In the daily usage we are highly satisified with the i-doit CMDB and there productive features.”

Christian Schneider
Director IT Infrastructure & Helpdesk

Logo des Landkreises Lüneburgs

“Based on i-doit we are now able to tighten and simplify many processes around our IT.”

Stefan Domanske
IT Service Manager

Logo der KKRN - Katholisches Klinikum Ruhrgebiet Nord

“We are enthusiastic about i-doit, because it shows connections and relations of IT Services and Items. That is a great support for emergency plans as well as for maintenance purposes.”

Marc Mönnikes
IT Administrator

Logo von KRZN

“i-doit supports us to bring processes together and to simplify them. The tool is our central information hub for Licence Management and Certification.”

Frank Schweizer
Area-Manager Systems & Network

Logo Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum, Heidelberg

“Especially the generic data model and the open Source Code are important for us.”

Tobias Reber
Manager Central Server

Logo von Schmidt Tivoli

“The big advantage of i-doit: we have our IT infrastructure under control, many investments are only now sensible plannable.”

Thomas Schüttler
IT- und Systemadministration

Logo Diakonisches Werk Schleswig-Holstein, Rendsburg

“i-doit helps us to keep track of our complex network environment. A powerful Import, flexible Templates and adjustable List Views are important functions to enable this overview.”

Michael Werker
IT Administrator

Logo der Stadt Neuwied

“i-doit gives us a central configuration tool without any maintenance hassle about data redundancy.”

Gerhard Wingender
IT Manager

Wappen der Stadt Teterow

“i-doit is an inexpensive multi-purpose tool for our public state authority. My sum: once documented, all under control.”

Benjamin Brocks
System Administrator

Logo der Nietiedt GmbH

“One of the awesome things about i-doit are the relations between objects and the quick availability of information.”

Fabian Haddick
IT Manager

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