Configuration Management Plan

The definition of documentation


Plan your documentation project

Before you start with your IT documentation, you should plan carefully. Every minute you invest in this phase will be gained several times over during the project. But what is the best way to proceed? And why is careful planning important?

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How to make your documentation project a success?

Your project can only be successful if everyone involved is clear about the goals from the beginning. Without a clear definition of goals and the distribution of tasks, your project will fail. Find out how best to proceed in our guide.

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Document your documentation

“We document what we need right now”

Every project is born out of a need. Define clear goals for your project.

“We document what is there at the moment”

Create rules. If everyone documents what seems relevant at the moment, inconsistency is bound to happen.

“We are often missing important information”

Missing data results from unclear specifications.
With a CMP, you define exactly what needs to be documented.

“Who actually changed this information here?”

All your employees have arbitrary permissions in the documentation?
Then you open the door to uncontrolled growth.

“How am I supposed to document hundreds of devices?”

Create responsibilities. 
If one employee is responsible for all asset classes, it will lead to overwhelm.

Create your configuration management plan now

With such a document, you will ensure transparency, crystal-clear specifications and guidelines in the documentation. You will noticeably increase the quality of IT documentation and at the same time increase staff satisfaction and motivation.

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A final step to the success plan for your project

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