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Put Together Your Custom Solution for Documentation and CMDB.

Out of the box, i-doit already offers everything you need for your standard IT documentation. Since your IT unit is naturally as individual as your company business, however, i-doit add-ons are available to enable you to reuse the CMDB data already entered. These add-ons integrate seamlessly with the flexible data model. So why enter the same base data again in another tool if multiple use cases are already easy to implement?! As you can see, the comprehensive list also includes interfaces to other tools. Multiple OTRS add-ons bring incident management into i-doit, just as change management is also supported in i-doit by several add-ons. Discovery is also integrated, and your network and system monitoring also benefits from tight integration with the data held in your CMDB.  
On the subject of processes, frequent moves or swapping between devices has an effect on your datasets. But with our add-ons, the workflow becomes noticeably easier – or even fully automated: even the documents you need can be automatically created with the Documents add-on. Equipment has to be maintained, and i-doit’s Maintenance add-on enables the straightforward handling of recurring maintenance cycles. 
Locating devices, workplaces or the nearest printer is a job best handled by the Floorplan add-on.
Our certified partners are also constantly developing new add-ons. One recent addition is a Windows interface for i-doit that includes graphical service modelling. Another partner has also implemented GDPR-compliant documentation with i-doit. Other examples related to compliance include i-doit extensions for ISMS, support for IT baseline security (BSI/VIVA) and certification to the ISO 27001 standard.
The portfolio is rounded off by industry-specific solutions: using i-doit to document medical devices is as easy as handling cloud management with the i-doit Azure add-on. Many IT service providers need to ensure that customer datasets are kept separate. Genuine segregation in multitenancy that really lives up to its name is achieved with the corresponding i-doit add-on. It’s worth taking a look at the list of available add-ons and putting together your custom solution for documentation and CMDB from the industry standard. You can test i-doit and most of it’s add-ons free.