Frequently asked questions

Do you have questions about licensing or using i-doit? This i-doit FAQ answers the most important and frequently asked questions. Have you still not found the answers you are looking for? Then we look forward to hearing from you.

Questions about i-doit

What is i-doit?

i-doit is a web-based software solution for comprehensive and detailed IT asset management. The software allows you to capture data on all aspects of your IT landscape. By mapping relationships between objects, i-doit allows you to build a fully-fledged CMDB. Thanks to the numerous interfaces, third-party systems such as discovery and monitoring can be connected to i-doit. In this way, i-doit serves as the basis for a complete ITSM solution.

For which company sizes is i-doit suitable?

The data model of i-doit allows for any size of IT documentation. This makes the software suitable for all company sizes.

For which industries is i-doit suitable?

i-doit can be used in all industries. The software can be adapted to the requirements of any industry.

Can I only record my IT with i-doit?

No. i-doit allows you to capture any objects. More than 100 object types are available right at the beginning. You can add missing types according to your requirements. This way you document not only IT components.

Can I have a look at sample projects with i-doit?

We have set up some demo systems that allow you to get an impression of the software. At and you will find corresponding installations. These are already filled with test data.

Please use “admin” as both user name and password to log in to both demo installations.

How can I get a product demonstration from the manufacturer?

If you would like a presentation of the software, please contact our sales team at You are also welcome to call us at (+49) 211 / 699 310.

Basic technical questions

Can I set the number of available objects individually for each client?

Yes. You can define any number of available objects for each client as long as they do not exceed the maximum of available objects in the i-doit licence.

Where can I find an overview of all i-doit pro add-ons and interfaces?

We have compiled an overview for you where you can find all currently available add-ons with detailed descriptions.

How do I put the virtual appliance into operation?

You can conveniently run your i-doit trial version in a virtual environment. If you need help with this, you can find detailed instructions on how to commission the virtual appliance in our Knowledge Base.

Questions about the i-doit trial version

Can I test i-doit in advance?

Yes, please use our 30-day trial version. This is available to you as an on-premise version and as a virtual machine. In addition to all i-doit pro add-ons developed by synetics, the trial version also includes support for a full month.

How do I get my trial licence/test version?

To receive your trial version with the corresponding licence key, please use the registration page. You will then receive an e-mail with all the details for downloading the software and the licence key.

What functions does a 30-day trial version contain?

The trial version is a fully functional IT documentation with which you can create up to 5,000 objects. You have access to all add-ons developed by synetics GmbH. In addition, further i-doit add-ons from third-party manufacturers are available for testing.

Can I extend my trial licence if necessary?

In exceptional cases, it is possible to extend a test licence. Please contact our sales team at

Do I have to cancel my trial licence?

No, the trial version expires automatically after 30 days. You do not have to actively cancel it.

Is there an online demo version?

Yes, we provide you with a demo system online. You can find it at Please log in with the user “admin” and the password “admin”. You can use all functions here. The system is reset and the data deleted every 6 hours.

Can I convert a trial version into an i-doit pro version?

In the case of the on-premise version, this is possible without any problems. By purchasing a licence, you will receive a new licence key, which you can use to convert your trial version into a full version. Our support team is available to answer any questions you may have during your trial period.

Can I convert the virtual appliance into a productive system?

Technically, this is possible. However, we recommend that you use the virtual appliance exclusively for the evaluation. If you want to run i-doit as a productive system in a virtual environment, please use the on-premise version and install it in a separate virtual machine. You can find instructions on how to do this in our blog.

Questions on Prices and licensing

How can I order i-doit products?

We will be happy to take your order by telephone on (+49) 211 – 699 31 0 or by e-mail to

How is i-doit licensed?

i-doit is licensed within the framework of a subscription. With this licensing model, a usage fee is paid in advance for the selected term. We offer flexible terms starting at 1 month. Please note: for terms of 12 months or more, the price is reduced by 20%.

What is a subscription?

In this licensing model, the user of a software pays a regular amount for a pre-selected term in order to be able to use the software. i-doit is offered as a subscription.

What is an object?

An object corresponds to an asset or configuration item (CI), e.g. a server, a router or a client PC. An operating system or an office application, a contract or a licence are also considered objects in i-doit.

Which object package do I need?

The number of objects you need depends entirely on your individual requirements. The more detailed and comprehensive your documentation is to be, the more objects you will create. Calculate with about 20 objects per person in an organisation.

What licence sizes are available?

i-doit is available in the three standard packages i-doit pro small (1,000 objects), i-doit pro medium (5,000 objects) and i-doit pro large (10,000 objects), as well as i-doit pro flex (>10,000 objects).

Are there licences for e.g. 2,500 or 7,500 objects?

No. Up to and including 10,000 objects, only our standard packages with 1,000, 5,000 and 10,000 objects are available.

Can I freely choose the number of licensed objects with i-doit pro flex?

Yes. If you want to license more than 10,000 objects, you can determine the number of possible objects individually. If you need more than 50,000 objects, please contact our team at

For whom is a term of less than 12 months worthwhile?

A monthly licence is always worthwhile if you expect to use i-doit for a limited period of time well under one year. Please note, however, that the prices for a monthly licence are 20% higher than the prices for an annual licence.

Can I upgrade/downgrade a licence?

A licence can be upgraded at any time. Remaining amounts from a current subscription are automatically credited. A downgrade is only possible at the end of the respective term. In this case, the previous licence will be cancelled and a new one issued.

If I "upgrade" a monthly license to 12 months, will I get the cheaper annual license?

Yes. If you upgrade to a term of 12 months or more, you will automatically be charged the 20% cheaper cost of an annual license.

Can I add individual months to a 12-month contract?

Yes, that is possible. 

Can I subsequently convert an annual license into a shorter monthly license?

A shortening of the term corresponds to a downgrade. Downgrades are only possible at the end of the contract term.

What payment options do customers outside Germany have?

As a customer from abroad, you have two payment options. You can transfer outstanding amounts directly to our account:

Account holder: synetics GmbH
Bank: Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf
IBAN: DE12 3005 0110 0047 0212 33

Alternatively you have the possibility to pay via Paypal to

Are USD price lists available?

i-doit is billed exclusively in Euro. Prices in other currencies are charged at the current exchange rate.

Existing customers

Can I extend my contract at any time?

Yes. An extension with additional objects (CIs), further add-ons or an extended support option is possible at any time, even during the term of the contract.

Questions on term extension & termination

Do the terms extend automatically?

Yes. If you do not cancel at least two (2) weeks before the licence expires, the term is automatically extended by the same period.

How do contracts of less than 12 months renew?

For licenses less than 12 months, the term is extended by the period selected. For example, if you have selected a license for six months, the contract will be extended by a further six months if you have not cancelled it at least two weeks before the license expires.

What notice periods apply?

Cancellations must be received by us at least two (2) weeks before the expiry of the license.

Do I have to commit to a fixed term at the beginning or can I start with one month?

It is of course possible to start with just a few months. An upgrade to longer terms is also possible at any time during the term.

Can I also terminate my i-doit contract during the term?

Cancellation is only possible at the end of the term.

Can I also terminate my contract on a monthly basis with the monthly model?

As with all other term models, notice of termination must be given at least two (2) weeks before the end of the term. If, for example, you purchased a license for a term of one month on 1 January, your cancellation must be received by us by 15 January at the latest.

Questions about product support

How exactly are support costs calculated - even for upgrades?

A support option is always calculated as a percentage surcharge on the i-doit per license price. In the case of upgrades, the support surcharge will also increase proportionately. To ensure the cost-effectiveness of the support offer, the support option is always charged at the full price for the entire term – regardless of the time of purchase.

Are the add-ons included in the support?

The costs for the support options include support for all add-ons offered by synetics itself (e.g. analysis and documents). Additional support costs may apply for add-ons from third-party manufacturers. You can find an overview of these in our price list.

What support options are available and what do they cost?

We offer our english speaking customers our basic support option. The prices for our support services can be found in our price overview. 

Please note that some third-party add-ons may incur separate support costs.

Is remote support available?

Remote support is only available in conjunction with our Advanced support, which we currently do not offer to customers outside the DACH region. For all product support questions, you have the option to choose our basic support option.

Is support also available in other languages, e.g. English?

Support in English is possible within the framework of a Basic Support contract.

Your question has not been answered?

If you have any further questions, please contact us directly at for sales-related questions. If you have technical questions about i-doit, our team will help you at Alternatively, you can reach us by phone at (+49) 211 – 699 310.