Add-ons for i-doit

Additional functions and extensions

Re-install add-ons anytime

With add-ons you enhance your i-doit installation by those functions that turn a standard IT documentation into an individual, integral CMDB. You can add these at the project start already to get familiar with the extended functionalities right from the start. Alternatively, this is easily possible at any later time.

The number of add-ons grows constantly

For a better overview, we have split the add-ons into several categories. We recommend checking out this page regularly as the number of add-ons increases constantly. By the way: You can also become developer and design your own add-ons!

Design Add-on

Add-on Packager

Use the new i-doit Add-on Packager to create an add-on for i-doit from your industry or solution-specific idea.

IT Service Management

In this category you find add-ons for the IT service layer of your CMDB. Examples are the design of service trees, the advanced virtualization of services and the application of the OBASHI method. In addition, you find the impact analysis here.

Analyse Add-on


Calculate service cost, execute impact analyses and check the data quality of the CMDB. These are only three scenarios that are offered by the i-doit Analysis add-on.

Add-on Logo FREICON monitos


The bidirectional connection between OTRS and i-doit prevents duplication of data maintenance. Data is transferred via NeDi import module and is visible in all integrated systems.

IT-Novum OTRS Add-on


The add-on of our partner it-novum establishes a connection to the OTRS Helpdesk system. There are no adjustments necessary on the OTRS side. Therefore the add-on is operational even after an OTRS update.

Sector Nord OTRS Add-on


The OTRS add-on of our partner Sector Nord establishes a connection between the open source service desk system OTRS and your i-doit CMDB.

Becon OTRS Connector Add-on

OTRS Connector

The OTRS Connector of our partner Becon enables an event based synchronization between OTRS and the i-doit CMDB via a bidirectional connection.

RfC Add-on


The RfC add-on of our partner don’t.panic covers ITIL® Change Management. The fully integrated process is applied directly to the effected CIs in i-doit.

SM-VIEW Add-on


The visualization modules SM-VIEW of our partner SHD are based on the data of the i-doit CMDB and offer an advanced view for more effective IT Service Management.


The connection between network monitoring solutions and i-doit CMDB offers many advantages for your daily IT operations. Faster processes, higher transparency, short communication channels, simpler configuration. In this category you find more add-ons for the connection of respective solutions.

Check_MK Add-on 2

Check_MK 2

The Check_MK add-on comprises more functionalities and integrates the Inventory Agent. It supports target/actual comparisons from the CMDB and monitoring.

Add-on Logo FREICON monitos


With this add-on of our partner Freicon you automate routine tasks and achieve high data integration of the central event monitoring with the i-doit CMDB.

Nagios Add-on


You connect the open source monitoring solution Nagios to your i-doit CMDB with this add-on. You can adjust the settings of the configuration directly in i-doit.

OpenITCockpit Add-on


openITCockpit is the ITSM Suite of our partner it-novum. i-doit plays the role of the central data hub. Further components such as monitoring and service desk are integrated with i-doit.

SNAG-View Add-on


The monitoring suite SNAG-View of our Partner Sector Nord AG is connected to i-doit via this Add-on and enables seamless ITSM processes.


i-doit offers interfaces to network discovery solutions for the automated creation or update of component data from the network. By means of add-ons the data sets in i-doit can always be accurate. The most popular plugin for these purposes is JDisc.

JDisc Add-on


This interface enables the data transfer from JDisc to i-doit CMDB adhering to configurable rules. It supports the creation of baselines. Please note: This interface is already integrated in i-doit and does not need to be installed additionally.


In this category, you find add-ons that support frequent routine activities and workflows of your teams. Processes get simpler, faster and documenting becomes a matter of course. The positive side effect for you: data quality of your CMDB improves.

Design Add-on


You want to adjust the appearance of i-doit to your CD and use e.g. your logo? With the add-on of our Partner Donamic it is possible for all tenants individually.

Dokumente Add-on


From the hardware transfer note to the Disaster Recovery Plan. Create proper documents with current data from your CMDB – automatically!

Entsorgungs Add-on


With this add-on you can document the disposal of any hardware in an audit-proof manner. This is required to meet the needs of a BSI or ISO certification.

Events Add-on


Automate the operations of your data center with current data of your CMDB. Events trigger further processes and control them.

Gerätetausch Add-on


Install, Move, Add and Change – normal procedures in IT operations. With this add-on, you simplify the necessary documentation of IMAC processes.

Mandanten Add-on


Enable multi-tenancy IT documentation for departments, divisions or customers on database level, but on a common i-doit installation.

Raumplan Add-on


Graphically display the spaces. Add building plans and position objects like workstations and racks true to scale. Even WLAN heatmaps are possible.

Umzugs Add-on


The “Move” of IMAC processes has a huge impact on IT documentation. This add-on reduces the effort to only a few mouse clicks.

Verkabelungs Add-on


If you have to document your cabling as well, this is quite an effort. Have a look at this add-on to get a goof overview and smooth workflows for this particular task!

Wartungs Add-on


For scheduled downtimes and maintenance of your IT components good timing is essential as well as in-time documentation about the current status. With this add-on you can simplify many parts of it.

Compliance, data protection & security

The add-ons of this category expand i-doit pro in order to adhere to compliance requirements. No matter if GDPR, ISMS or ISO27001, each of these guidelines result in special requirements for documentation which can be covered by these add-ons.

Data-Privacy Add-on

Data Privacy

This add-on extends your IT documentation with those areas that are required by GDPR. The existing foundation data are continued to be used, the extended permission system takes care of the necessary security.

ISMS Add-on


The ISMS add-on is an extension of the i-doit CMDB to build an Information Security Management System (ISMS). At the same time, it ensures that the ISO27001 requirements are met.

VIVA1 Add-on

Baseline Protection

With the Baseline protection add-on you are assisted to establish a management system for information security (ISMS) following the IT security standards 100-X of „Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI)“.

VIVA2 Add-on

Baseline Protection 2

The Baseline Protection 2 add-on is a technically and content wise upgraded version of the Baseline Protection add-on, which follows the BSI Security standards 200-X. It enables CMDB integrated risk analyses according to BSI standards.


With add-ons of this category you expand the scope of your IT documentation to more areas of your company. Medical technology and Cloud services are examples and only the beginning.

API Add-on


The i-doit REST-API turns i-doit into the data platform of your company. You integrate your applications, automate workflows and even develop your own add-ons!

Azure Add-on


With the Azur add-on you document all used resources of the Microsoft Azure Cloud fully automated and can take over the VM data directly via Azure API Management.

DIMDI Add-on


This add-on puts you in the position to document medical appliances in hospitals with little effort in i-doit. It offers the proper object catalog (UMDNS).