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i-doit Add-ons

Enhance your i-doit experience

Expand the capabilities of your system with the i-doit Add-ons, which offer additional features, interfaces, and analysis possibilities. You can even add entirely new object classes through these Add-ons. Discover a wide range of Add-ons available on the i-doit Marketplace.

i-doit pro Add-on Packager - Eigene i-doit pro Add-ons ohne Programmierkenntnisse erstellen

i-doit is a powerful solution that allows you to start your documentation project immediately after installation. With a wide range of add-ons, i-doit can be customized to suit specific use cases and scenarios. These add-ons provide you with additional features, interfaces to third-party systems, new evaluation possibilities, and new object types. You can create a system that is tailored to your individual requirements.

The i-doit add-ons


Add-on Type



Extend i-doit with powerful analysis functions: Calculate service costs, check data quality and perform failure simulations.


With the i-doit REST API you integrate applications, automate workflows and develop your own add-ons!
Documentation of cabling is a time-consuming task. This add-on gives you an overview and fluid workflows for this special task.
Integrate the Checkmk monitoring system into i-doit. Reconciliations between TARGET and ACTUAL from CMDB and monitoring are thus supported.
Expand i-doit to include DSGVO-relevant areas. The master data remains, the extended rights system ensures security.
Change the appearance of i-doit according to your CD and use your company logo, for example.
Meet the requirements of BSI or ISO certification by documenting the disposal of any hardware in an audit-proof manner.
From the hardware handover certificate to the disaster recovery plan. Create appealing documents - also as PDF - with daily updated data from your CMDB - automatically!
Automate the operation of your data center with the current data from the CMDB. Events trigger and control the further processes.
Display rooms graphically. Store building plans and arrange objects such as workplaces. WLAN heat maps are also possible.
Easily create forms to share with users for simplified data entry.
Transfer i-doit CIs to openVAS / Greenbone for new creation automatically and at configurable intervals.
Build an information security management system with risk analysis and management according to ISO 27001.
Establish a connection to ((OTRS)) Community Edition. No customization is necessary on the ((OTRS)) Community Edition side. The add-on is also functional after an ((OTRS)) Community Edition update.
This interface enables data transfer from JDisc into the i-doit CMDB according to configurable rules.
Manage all your keys comfortably in i-doit. See at any time which people have access to which buildings and rooms.
Maintenance of your IT components requires not only good timing, but also timely documentation. With this add-on you simplify a lot.
With the included object catalog (UMDNS), you can document medical devices in hospitals and clinics with little effort.
The i-doit add-on monitos inventory for i-doit enables the automated inventory of your CIs in i-doit, configurable in intervals.
The event monitoring solution can be expanded into an ITSM integration platform. The automation of routine tasks brings stability and ensures the availability of your IT.
Connect the open source monitoring solution Nagios to your i-doit CMDB. Configuration settings can be made directly in i-doit.
Via the interface, you import both hardware and software objects from the OCS Inventory NG system directly into the i-doit CMDB.
The interface between i-doit and openITCOCKPIT from our partner it-novum makes it much easier to set up a monitoring system.
Link i-doit CIs with OTOBO tickets or use CIs for process management, e.g. to map change processes.
Integrate the OTOBO ticket system with the i-doit CMDB to create tickets with user-specific and general data directly from the CMDB.
The "move" in IMAC processes has a great impact on IT documentation. This add-on reduces the work to a few mouse clicks.
Install, move, add and change - normality in any IT operation. With this add-on you simplify the documentation of IMAC processes.


Change management according to ITIL is realized with this add-on. The fully integrated process is applied directly to affected CIs.
Record and control authorizations between business departments and IT. Authorizations can be linked to business applications via LDAP/LDAPs.
The ((OTRS)) Community Edition/Znuny add-on establishes a connection between the service desk ((OTRS)) Community Edition/Znuny and your i-doit CMDB.
Create dependencies and alerting levels for your IT landscape according to your individual circumstances.
Visualize and analyze your network cabling. With SM-VIEW CABLE you always have the entire IT under control across locations.

Import of mobile contracts, SIM cards and tariff options from Deutsche Telekom into i-doit.

Extensive, confusing lists were yesterday. Discover your IT landscape from a completely new perspective!
Create your individual work platform according to your wishes and requirements. Everything is possible.
Graphical documentation from the server rack to the end device. With SM-VIEW PATCH always full overview and efficiency in complex environment.
The monitoring suite SNAG-View of our partner Sector Nord AG is connected to i-doit with this add-on and enables continuous ITSM processes.
Store buttons with your own triggers and start IT processes directly from i-doit.
Build information security management systems (ISMS) according to the BSI's IT Baseline Protection methodology.
The close connection between the i-doit CMDB and the Znuny help desk system means that you always have up-to-date data in the tickets you create.

Add-on Packager

With the i-doit Add-on Packager you can easily create your own add-ons - without any programming knowledge. Let your functional expert knowledge directly go into i-doit pro or i-doit cloud and actively shape the range of use of i-doit. Use the  Add-on Packager to create an add-on for i-doit pro oder i-doit cloud from your industry or solution-specific idea.

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