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i-doit pro Add-on SM-VIEW BSM

Create dependencies and alerting levels for your IT landscape according to your individual circumstances.

i-doit pro Add-on SM-View BSM


  • Definition of the status behaviour of the service components and calculation of the live status of the business services based on this.
  • Transmission of the status of the business services to the connected monitoring system.
  • Notification of users and process owners in the event of disruptions to business processes.
  • Availability and SLA reporting also for business services and business processes.





Do you already know which IT services will be affected if one of your many systems malfunctions? SM VIEW BSM transparently displays all dependencies in your IT – in real time. So you can clearly connect your business processes with your IT environment.



Based on the modelled business services and the feedback from the monitoring system, you know the status of your processes at all times. This also enables you to communicate your services transparently and create any SLA reports within a few minutes.

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