Add-ons: Modules

Add-ons extend i-doit with new functionalities and simplify the use of existing features

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Multi Tenant Add-on

With the i-doit multi tenant licence option, i-doit becomes multi-tenant capable and can completely separate tenants that are set up and used. These have their own user base and a separate system and data base. This option can be used to operate an instance with various customer environments and offers an ideal solution for IT system houses and service providers.

analysis add-on data quality i-doit pro 1.8/EN
analysis add-on data quality i-doit pro 1.8/EN
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Documents Add-on

The Documents Add-on for i-doit allows for the creation of documents that can be extended to include variables that refer to objects and their properties in i-doit. All tasks including the operating manual, the emergency plan and requisitions are possible where defined text add-ons must be extended by dynamic information from the i-doit dataset. An update of the output files is sufficient in the event of changes to underlying data. A WYSIWYG editor enables the creation of high-quality document layouts.

i-doit Icon Analyse

Analysis Add-on

The Analysis Add-on focuses on two main implementations. One examines the data and documentation quality and provides an interactive result view with the status determined. In addition, the Analysis Add-on is used as a failure simulation. In this way, “what happens if” scenarios can be played out and analysed by the add-on in its impact on the infrastructure. In combined use with the interface for the Check_MK monitoring solution, live failures can be directly examined according to their impact.

analysis add-on data quality i-doit pro 1.8/EN
Rfc-Modul EN
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Change Management: RfC Add-on

Changes in the IT environment can be planned and made transparent with the RfC Add-on. Due to a standard compliant process model, changes can be initiated, recognised in its effects, granted at different levels and implemented. All these steps are carried out on a status basis, are documented and communicated, and of course interact with the inventory data from the underlying documentation in i-doit. The RfC Add-on ist distributed and maintained by i-doit partner “dont’t panic”.


Security – ISMS Add-on

The ISMS add-on integrates the administration of the security documentation into your general IT documentation. In order to manage the safety assessment on a daily basis, the ISMS add-on enables risk recording and evaluation directly on the objects
(IT assets) in i-doit.

You do not need to maintain redundant data in other tools or software. Due to the native i-doit integration, the ISMS add-on can leverage key inventory features such as templates, bulk edits and reporting. Own asset information can be added easily.
The document add-on can also process the ISMS add-on data.

The ISMS add-on will be available in 2018.

i-doit VIVA add-on
i-doit VIVA add-on
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Security – VIVA Add-on

Built on the documentation and CMDB inventory data in i-doit, the VIVA Add-on enables the construction of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) based on the IT Baseline Protection from the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) or the international ISO Standard 27001. For the BSI-compliant data security, the basic protection catalogues of the Office can be imported and used. The add-on supports documentation of the safety measures in many ways, and also supports the audit with its reporting and allows for high topicality by linking with the documentation data.

Relocate CIs Add-on

The Move Add-on is for users that need to follow up on and document moves of an individual, components and assets. Any number of objects can be moved simultaneously from one location to another. The add-on is of particular use with the work place function of i-doit.

relocate CI assistent add-on
swap CI add-on

Swap CI Add-on

A new switch is put into action, a modified patch panel installed, but all the connections are to be retained. The Device Replacement Add-on is for those who don’t want to document all the connections again. It enables the “exchange” of such concentration points with configurable adoption of existing connections.

Maintenance Intervals Add-on

Maintenance dates can be planned, coordinated and controlled with the add-on. Recurring or one-time maintenance are linked to devices and can be viewed centrally. Any currently performed maintenance status is displayed prominently in the CMDB and visible for all. Automatic e-mail reminder notifications are sent out to avoid any missed dates.

Floorplan Add-on

Documenting physical locations is a standard feature in i-doit. The Floorplan Add-on allows to visually position objects on a floor plan. Servers, Racks, WiFi-Access Points and any other hardware can be positioned and scaled on a user uploaded floor plan. The size can be freely chosen – from floor plans to world maps – everything can be scaled.