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Test i-doit pro easily and free of charge


There are two options to test i-doit quickly, noncommittally and costless. To receive a first impression the Demo-System would be the right choice. The Onsite-Version is the easiest way for who wants to get in touch with the functions of i-doit pro itself and to test i-doit locally and with optional add-ons and interfaces. Beside Knowledge Base there is a FAQ available and for sure the official documentation. Additionally there is an Email support option for Onsite and Online Trial Users.

First Try

Public System
  • All add-ons included

  • Open, public available instance with daily reset
  • Get in touch with UI and way of using

You would like to learn learn more about the features of i-doit in practice and to see some application examples, please visit our doIT BETTER section. There you’ll find useful step-by-step guides, video tutorials for several user cases and other tipps and tricks provided by our experienced product management team, like: how to change from excel to i-doit documentation within 5 minutes, how to create emergency manuals, how to implement the IT-address management, how to use i-doit as a DCIM alternative and other practical examples.

For the current information on the latest i-doit pro releases please also visit our blog, where you can find all release dates and change logs. Other useful links to get an overview on i-doit documentation software are: