i-doit is more than just IT asset management.

It’s a solution that adapts to your needs.

Your company is entirely unique. You manage individual structures and processes. And you have your own expectations of IT documentation. So why should you choose an “off-the-shelf” solution?

i-doit supports your individuality with a wide range of useful functions. You adapt the system to your processes, not the other way around. And this applies to all companies up to international corporations.

You already use well-established systems such as Discovery or Monitoring? These systems can be easily connected via numerous interfaces.

Das i-doit pro Dashboard

A comprehensive IT documentation

With i-doit pro, you document your servers as well as your service vehicles. And only your individual requirements determine the complexity of your documentation. Due to the flexible structure of i-doit pro, you add what you are missing or remove what you do not need. You import data from third-party systems and also import your old Excel spreadsheets directly into your IT documentation.

i-doit pro Configuration Management Database CMDB

A CMDB according to ITIL

i-doit pro’s dynamic relationship model transforms your IT documentation into a fully-fledged CMDB (Configuration Management Database) compliant with ITIL best practices. The analysis add-on opens up even more possibilities for you. Perform impact analysis to determine the potential risks of a change in advance.

The i-doit ISMS

An ISMS according to ISO 27001 & IT-Grundschutz

With the i-doit pro add-on ISMS you build a complete ISMS on the data of your IT documentation, with which you are optimally prepared for a certification according to ISO 27001 or IT-Grundschutz. You realise a consistent information security standard, reduce risks and increase security in the company.

i-doit pro IT Service Management

A solid basis for your IT service management

Build an IT service management with i-doit pro. The system serves as a database for your business and IT processes. And all services are documented right in the CMDB. Numerous interfaces ensure smooth communication between monitoring, service desk and discovery. In this way, you keep all data up to date and always available for all systems.

i-doit pro can do more for you

Room plans for visual documentation

i-doit pro Raumplan Add-on

Visual floor plans simplify the documentation of the infrastructure. From individual rooms to international branches, you combine everything in one solution. The Floorplan add-on supports you in creating the room plans. You get rack plans automatically by “installing” new devices in your racks. You document cabling automatically with the corresponding wizards. 

You keep track of your networks

i-doit pro Netzwerkverwaltung

With i-doit pro, you document all networks – from provider WAN lines to virtual networks. You can also record contracts and service level agreements (SLAs) that belong to your IT services. You can document WLANs that are operated at your locations in i-doit, as well as fiber optic cables. With the Floorplan add-on, you can also visually record WLAN coverage.

Documentation of physical and virtual servers

Virtuelle und physische Server in i-doit pro dokumentieren

You document physical servers in i-doit pro just like virtual machines. Through integration with Discovery and Monitoring, data can be exchanged, compared and transferred. This applies to hardware details as well as to running services, installed software and licenses. With i-doit, you document your server park throughout its entire lifecycle.

Workstation systems, laptops and tablets

Clientsysteme in i-doit pro dokumentieren

Client management always means intensive documentation. i-doit pro supports you with consistent client management. You manage workstations as separate objects. Workplace concepts such as office workplace, remote work and shared workplace are supported. You transfer and link technical details, licenses and software data from management systems.

Information on all IT services in one solution

i-doit pro Services

The documentation of server applications is often neglected. Legacy applications in particular are often not documented. With i-doit pro, you document IT services and applications at all levels. It does not matter whether you obtain them from your data center or from the cloud. All IT services require a high level of resources. Take the opportunity to reduce this effort.

Software documentation

i-doit pro Software dokumentieren

Documenting software is a demanding task. With i-doit pro, you keep track of everything. The system separates between applications, services, licenses and IT services. Interfaces to discovery solutions and an open API allow you to take over data and control tasks for your automated data center. With i-doit you support reporting, billing, license management and optimization.

Lebenszyklus von IT in i-doit pro dokumentieren

Keep an eye on the lifecycle of your IT

To simplify IMAC/R/D processes, i-doit supports you with a number of add-ons. The Relocate CI add-on allows you to assign equipment to a new room with just a few mouse clicks. Change management is handled with the RfC add-on. With the analysis add-on, you can estimate the effects of a change in advance. And you can document the disposal of IT assets with the Disposal add-on.

The features of i-doit pro

i-doit supports IT administrators from all industries in their daily work. Immediately after installation, you can use the software to create your central IT documentation. With the numerous add-ons, you can expand your i-doit functionally and transform a simple IT documentation into a professional ITSM solution. 

 i-doit PROi-doit OPEN
Detailed rights management
Supports Add-ons (more than 30 Add-ons available)
Mass import via CSV files
Advanced and customizable reporting
Scheduled e-mail notifications
View IT-services and track their relations
Input validation and mandatory fields
Clear graphical views of technical details (IP-address lists, rack views)
Multi- and mass-editing functions
Technical and administrative documentation of the entire IT-infrastructure
Highly customizable for organization and end user
Browser based UI
Base functions like search, templating, bookmarks
Supports LDAP / XML / JDisc / OCSinventory Imports
Store files next to your documented assets
Powerful API

i-doit as a central data hub

Many possibilities through the integration of third-party systems

i-doit is the central basis for all data of your IT infrastructure. And the CMDB is the foundation for automating many daily tasks. That’s why i-doit offers the possibility to integrate many external systems. This way, your IT documentation becomes the data basis for service desk, monitoring and even ERP systems.

Many external systems can be directly connected through interfaces implemented in i-doit, e.g.

JDisc Logo
Checkmk OpenCelium
Zammad OpenCelium
iTop Logo
Request Tracker Logo

Integration via i-doit pro add-ons

With the i-doit pro add-ons, you extend i-doit with a wide range of useful functions. You can also connect external systems to the CMDB via add-ons. Above all, solutions for setting up IT service management can be easily integrated via i-doit pro add-ons, e.g.:

i-doit pro Add-on Checkmk 2


i-doit pro Add-on Nagios


i-doit pro Add-on Monitos


i-doit pro Add-on it novum


Becon i-doit pro Add-on


i-doit pro Add-on Sector Nord


The CMDB has up-to-date monitoring data through the integration of third-party systems. Service desk systems can obtain data from the CMDB and make it available in tickets. The current processing status of a ticket is stored in the CMDB in the opposite way – directly linked to the respective asset.

Integration via OpenCelium

Our premium partner becon has developed the open-source API hub OpenCelium, a solution that allows you to connect many different applications in a simple way. The systems connected with OpenCelium can communicate seamlessly with each other and exchange data easily. Through a generic connector integration, you can independently connect your systems to OpenCelium. See here a small excerpt of the connectors already available.

OpenCelium Logo
Azure OpenCelium
Jira OpenCelium
Insight OpenCelium
OTRS Community Edition OpenCelium
Znuny OpenCelium
OTOBO Service Desk OpenCelium
FreshDesk OpenCelium
TopDesk OpenCelium
VMWare OpenCelium
Checkmk OpenCelium
PRTG Network Monitor OpenCelium
Zabbix OpenCelium
Infoblox OpenCelium
IGEL OpenCelium
SAP 4/HANA R/3 R/2 ERP OpenCelium
processMaker OpenCelium
DB2API OpenCelium
CSV2API OpenCelium

To learn more, please visit https://opencelium.io.

For IT administrators, OpenCelium simplifies the job. Writing and updating API scripts becomes a simple drag and drop via a convenient front end. Another advantage is that OpenCelium is an open source project. If needed, you have the possibility to customize the solution to your specific requirements. We would be happy to support you with this as well.

Integration via JSON-RPC API

i-doit has an extensive JSON-RPC interface. Via this API, data can be read from and written to or updated in the CMDB. The i-doit API is provided as a free add-on.

From a simple script to a complete ITSM environment – the full-featured API allows you to integrate CMDB data into your processes. This gives you the opportunity to cover the complete spectrum of process automation with data from the central documentation.

i-doit pro Add-on API

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