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This is the price of i-doit pro


With i-doit pro you get a powerful and flexible software solution at an attractive price. With the staggered licensing model you pay only what you really need. i-doit pro is offered based on a subscription. The license is renewed annually.

i-doit pro is offered based on a subscription. The license is renewed annually.

The i-doit license models in an overview

i-doit pro

1.000 objects
389,00 €
5.000 objects
789,00 €
10.000 objects
1.439,00 €

i-doit pro – Flex

> 10.000 objects
On request

How is i-doit licensed?

i-doit is offered on subscription basis. The subscription model fits to all companies and organizations that require an efficient tool for their IT documentation. The scope of the subscription varies with the number of objects you want to document. In addition you can extend your i-doit with more functions of the i-doit add-ons.

How much does i-doit pro cost?

The costs of i-doit depend on your individual requirements. The larger your IT landscape the more devices and services you have to track and document. And the more objects you have to capture the more extensive your i-doit license should be.

How many objects do I need?

An exact formula for calculating required objects is not possible. The number depends primarily on how detailed your IT documentation should be.

Rule of thumb: You need to plan 10 objects for every employee of your company. A company with 100 employees would therefore require approximately 1000 objects. If your company employs around 250 people a license for 5000 objects is recommended.

What is an i-doit object?

An object equals to an asset or Configuration Item (CI). A server, a router or a client workstation are examples for an object. But also an operating system or an Office application, a contract or a license are regarded as objects in i-doit.

Excluded are logical relations and references between objects. A complete list of all object types in i-doit can be found in our Knowledge Base.

i-doit add-on subscriptions

i-doit add-on subscription yearly

starting at 189,00 €*

Add-on1000 objects5000 objects10.000 objects
Tenants Add-on189,00 €*389,00 €*729,00 €*
Documents Add-on189,00 €*389,00 €*729,00 €*
Analysis Add-on189,00 €*389,00 €*729,00 €*
Baseline protection / Baseline protection2 Add-on189,00 €*389,00 €*729,00 €*
ISMS Bundle **189,00 €*389,00 €*729,00 €*
Check_MK Add-on 2540,00 €*1.100,00 €*1.999,00 €*

** ISMS Bundle includes ISMS Add-on and security catalogs

What is an add-on?

An add-on offers more functionalities, is based on and strongly interacts with the documentation data of the basic product. Add-ons can be embedded in the native interface of the i-doit or can have its own interface.

How much do i-doit pro add-ons cost?

There are numerous free available add-ons, but also paid extensions. The prices are based on the i-doit license model and are determined by the largest implemented object package. Also the add-ons are annually charged like i-doit.

Is support included in the add-ons?

No. Support is an optional service. It can be requested on demand. Please note that specific add-on support is always included in the offered support packages.

Who develops the add-ons?

Most of the add-ons are programmed by the same people who develop i-doit. However, many modules and extensions are originated from the engagement of our customers and partners.

i-doit Package

i-doit Basic Support

589,00 €*

The i-doit support plan

In order to guarantee the optimal use of i-doit pro and its add-ons we like to offer you our assistance for the implementation and the ongoing operation of the software. 

Who is the target group for the product?

The i-doit support plan is designed for users who prefer personal contact and quick help if needed. Concentrate on your core activiites and we take care of the smooth operation of your i-doit solution.

Individual Support


2.200,00 €*


3.350,00 €*


4.500,00 €*

 * All stated prices are net prices plus legal value added tax in domestic German business.

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