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i-doit pro Add-on monitos inventory for i-doit

The i-doit pro add-on monitos inventory for i-doit allows the automated inventory of your CIs in i-doit at configurable intervals.

i-doit pro Add-on monitos Inventory


  • The software works agentless.
  • UNIX / Linux based solution.
  • Systems Windows, SNMP (routers, switches, printers), Linux, Mac, HP-UX, IGEL.
  • Network services DNS, DHCP, Microsoft Active Directory, DFS.
  • Virtualisation VMware.
  • Node Discovery incl. software versions.


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Characteristic for the solution is the low entry barrier: quickly downloaded and installed, no dedicated hardware is required and it is intuitively operable. With the monitos inventory for i-doit, in addition to the smart discovery of the IT infrastructure, an additional engine for reading out WMI and SSH devices is now available, so you also receive detailed information from non-SNMP-capable devices.

Since increased privileges are required on the target systems, the access data is stored encrypted in the monitos inventory for i-doit and the login/query for Unix/Linux systems can be carried out by exchanging SSH keys. This provides you with the highest level of security during discovery.

The manual import and manual assignment of configuration items (CIs) in i-doit is no longer necessary and is automated by the powerful monitos inventory module. Time savings and the avoidance of errors due to manual input (inconsistent databases) are just a few plus points for a quick ROI.

With monitos inventory for i-doit, use the automation approach that has been established on the market in large companies and SMEs for years!

Pricing & support

Information about pricing and support options can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

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