i-doit pro Features

i-doit is a powerful web-based application that allows you to create and manage a 360° documentation of your entire IT infrastructure.

i-doit – The central IT documentation

i-doit supports IT administrators from all industries in their daily work. Even in the basic version, you create your central IT documentation with this software. With the various add-ons, you can transform a simple IT documentation into a professional ITSM solution.

 i-doit PROi-doit OPEN
Detailed rights management
Supports Add-ons (more than 30 Add-ons available)
Mass import via CSV files
Advanced and customizable reporting
Scheduled e-mail notifications
View IT-services and track their relations
Input validation and mandatory fields
Clear graphical views of technical details (IP-address lists, rack views)
Multi- and mass-editing functions
Technical and administrative documentation of the entire IT-infrastructure
Highly customizable for organization and end user
Browser based UI
Base functions like search, templating, bookmarks
Supports LDAP / XML / JDisc / OCSinventory Imports
Store files next to your documented assets
Powerful API